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The Gemstone Rhodochrosite

Image of Round Cabochon Banded Reddish-Pink Rhodochrosite from South Africa. Banded Reddish-Pink Rhodochrosite. Collection: GemSelect: Cut: Round Cabochon: Size: 14.17 ct: Locality: South Africa: Photograph: GemSelect: Buy this or Similar ... Detailed gem and jewelry information guide about the pink gemstone rhodochrosite. ...

Guide to Gemstone Fraud, Rip-Offs and Scams at AJS Gems

The most common gemstone fraud is not synthetic gems as natural, but rather the selling of low quality stones as fine gemstones, especially stones that are poorly cut, heavily included or of mediocre color. Fine Ruby, Top Color, Clarity & Cut. The gemstone business probably has more than its share of fraud, rip-offs and scams.

Alexandrite Gemstones

Top Quality Alexandrite Stone & Loose Alexandrites Gemstones from Brazil by the Real Genuine Alexandrite Experts. Specialists in Ultra Fine GEM Color Change NATURAL Brazilian Alexandrites. Choose the loose alexandrite gem of your dreams to make that ultimate alexandrite jewelry item such as an alexandrite ring or alexandrite pendant.

The Top 10 Rarest Gemstones in the World | TrueFacet

 · When we think of precious stones, diamonds, emeralds and rubies jump to mind as the most valuable gemstones in the world. However (or perhaps surprisingly), there are so many gemstones that are even more rare and, in turn, even more valuable. Check out these ten incredibly rare and insanely expensive gems below. 10.

Gemstones from Africa

 · The traditional sources for colored gemstones are in Asia and South America, especially Burma, Sri Lanka and Brazil. However, these days Africa is generating most of the the excitement in the gemstone world. Looking at our own inventory of over 35,000 gems, about 50% of them originate from Africa.

Gemstones from Madagascar

 · The beryl family of gemstones includes some of the most valuable and sought-after gem types in the world, including emeralds and aquamarines. The quantity, quality and variety of beryls found on Madagascar led to it being given the nickname, ''Beryl Island''.

Tsavorite USA Inc

Thus, we are confident in the origin and quality of each stone. Our inventory includes the following extremely fine gemstones: Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Garnet (all varieties), Tourmaline (all colours), Aquamarine, Sapphire (all colours), Ruby, Spinel (all colours), Opal, etc. "Tsavorite is everything that a fine gemstone should be, and then ...

A list of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones and their ...

These days, all gemstones are considered precious since they are all rare and there is a limited supply of them. The traditional list of gemstones that are considered precious stones are: Diamond. Ruby. Sapphire. Emerald. All other gemstones are considered as being semi precious stones. These are old terms and not necessarily true these days.

African Spinel Collection

Africa is one of the premier sources of fine Spinels. The discovery of explosive Red Spinel in Mahenge in Tanzania in recent years propelled Spinel to great heights in the gem world as connoisseurs marveled over its beauty. Wonderful pastel colors from Morogoro in Tanzania and robust purples served to further embellish its reputation.

240 Pink Gemstones ideas in 2021 | pink gemstones ...

Jun 28, 2021 - Stunning selection of natural pink gemstones. See more ideas about pink gemstones, gemstones, gemselect.

Buy Gemstones: Shop Loose Precious Gems

13.9 x 11mm Pear Checkerboard Green Prehnite from South Africa, Weight of 7.01ct, Natural untreated Gemstone in Translucent Clarity, 1pc Prehnite - Color: Lime Green, Mohs Hardness of 6 - …

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The GemSelect Card is issued by and remains the property of JVC Claims. 19. JVC Claims receives fee from the Insurer and the Participating Retailer for providing the GemSelect Card and processing such GemSelect Card transactions. 20. JVC Claims has no liability to …

Emerald Gemstones

As a member of the Beryl family of gems, cousin to Aquamarine and Morganite, Emerald is found in Afghanistan, Colombia, Zimbabwe and Brazil. However, most of our calibrated emerald gemstones are mined in Brazil, which has become the world leader for the finest emeralds on the market today. Some of our gems come from Africa as well.

Sugilite gemstone information

Sugilite is named after Ken-ichi Sugi, Japanese petrologist who first discovered the mineral on Iwagi island, Shikoku, Japan in 1994. Sugilite most commonly forms compact masses with a light brownish yellow to a bright magenta colour. The material yields attractive cabochons, beads, ornamental objects. Semi-transparent stones are occasionally ...

Buy African Gemstones at Affordable Prices

African Gemstones Africa is a source for many gemstones, including ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald. Some of the most famous gemstones in the world were mined in Africa, such as the Cullinan Diamond and the Star of Africa.

GemSelect (gemselect)

GemSelect | GemSelect - Pictures of Natural Gemstones. GemSelect is the leading online supplier of precious and semi-precious colored gemstones.


The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) is the only worldwide body specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry. Join industry professionals worldwide for the opportunity to work together to expand the market for natural colored gemstones.

Gem Silica: The blue, most valuable variety of chalcedony

Gem silica is a bluish green to greenish blue variety of chalcedony that receives its vivid color from the presence of copper. It is often known as "chrysocolla chalcedony" or "gem silica chrysocolla." Gem silica is the most valuable variety of chalcedony, with quality cut gemstones selling for …

Natural Amethyst For Sale | African Genuine Amethyst Gemstone

NATURAL AFRICAN AMETHYST – GENUINE AFRICAN AMETHYST. Amethyst, the rich purple variety of quartz, was once so rare that it was classified as one of the precious gems.. COLOR: Natural African Amethyst is purple gem from light purple to intense royal purple mauve and violet. ORIGIN: The large deposits of amethyst were discovered in Brazil in the 19th century.

Carved Turtle Pink Rose Quartz Turtle

Image of Carved Turtle Pink Rose Quartz Turtle from South Africa. Pink Rose Quartz Turtle. Collection: GemSelect: Cut: Carved Turtle: Size: 21.81 ct. Locality: South Africa: Photograph: GemSelect: Buy this or Similar « Previous Rose Quartz Gemstone Detail Page Close. Detailed gem and jewelry information guide about the pink gemstone rose ...

Round Checkerboard Greenish-Yellow Prehnite

Image of Round Checkerboard Greenish-Yellow Prehnite from South Africa. Greenish-Yellow Prehnite. Collection: GemSelect: Cut: Round Checkerboard: Size: 1.91 ct. Locality: South Africa: Photograph: GemSelect: Buy this or Similar ... Detailed gem and jewelry information guide about the green gemstone prehnite: information & pictures. Detailed gem ...

Oval Cabochon Star Rose Quartz

South Africa: Photograph: GemSelect « Previous Next » Quartz Gemstone Detail Page . Close. Detailed gem and jewelry information guide about the gemstone quartz. ...

Buy Gemstones Online | Online Gemstone Shopping | Best ...

Buy Beautiful blue sapphire and cats eye and Panna stone online at Gemselections - If you have to buy natural gemstones govt. Certified then Gem Selections gives you the best gemstone deal. We provide blue sapphire, Neelam stone, cats eye stone, panna stone, …

Melanite gemstone information

Melanite Gemstones by Size This table shows distribution of Melanite gemstone sizes that are listed on this site. This can give a good indication as to the general availability of this gemstone in different sizes.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

Beautiful Yellow Sapphire Gemstones from AfricaGems Natural Yellow sapphire gemstones are, along with blue sapphire and pink sapphires the most popular of the sapphire gemstone family. High quality natural yellow sapphire gemstones should have a pure yellow color, with no hints of golden, orange or brownish secondary colors.Loose, high quality faceted yellow sapphire gems have always …

Carved Rose Carved Rose Quartz Flower

Rose Quartz is a very affordable gemstone. Due to its often hazy color and frequent flaws, it is more often tumbled or used as beads over faceting into gemstone cuts. A deeper pink color in Rose Quartz makes it less common and more desirable, though certain forms of Rose Quartz may fade upon repeated prolonged exposure to strong lighting.

Loose gemstones, rare colored stones, pearls and certified ...

Weighing in at 325.14 carats, this extraordinary tsavorite is one of the largest most valuable gems ever to be discovered in East Africa. Gemstones Buying Guide, the 4 c´s and more by David Weinberg Understanding the value of colored stones is vital to a successful purchase, but grading and valuation is not that easy. Indeed, it is a far more ...

Gem Formation: How are Gemstones Created?

Most gems form naturally as minerals within the Earth. Most form as crystals, solids whose atoms are arranged in highly ordered repeating patterns called crystal systems.Learning about mineral crystallization and the geological processes involved in gem formation will help gemologists understand some of the properties they''ll encounter in gemstones.


GemSelect certification represents the highest and most consistent grading standards. We offer reliable and quickly accessible service to the diamond industry with the most competitive pricing. With our diligence in research and strict grading processes we provide certification that gives confidence to your business and to your clients.


GemSelect Reviews Videos of Real Gems from our Stock - Sometimes photos just aren''t good enough! Watch now and contact us at [email protected] with questions!

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English speaking customer support only. Toll Free - USA & Canada only: 1-800-464-1640. International: +66-39303404

Aquamarine | Buy Loose Aquamarine GemStones

Aquamarine is a very spiritual gemstone. It is the stone of empowerment and in aligning oneself with the yielding, resilient vitality of life. It enhances women''s intuitive abilities, and aids men to express their inner feelings. In ancient lore and metaphysics, Aquamarine is …

Mozambique Rubies for Sale – Mozambique Ruby Prices Per ...

Mozambique Ruby. Mozambique ruby is a premium variety of ruby gemstone, resourced from Mozambique region of Africa. Due to its brilliant red hue and high transparency, Mozambique ruby is more valuable than the rubies found in other African mines.

Product Description

GemSelect : 33.4 x 12.5mm Marquise Blue Aquamarine from Madagascar, Weight of 19.79ct, Natural untreated Gemstone in Transparent Clarity, 1pc Marquise Cabochon Aquamarine - Color: Baby Blue, Mohs Hardness of 7.5 - 8 suitable for daily wear jewelry, Symbolizes Serenity, Worldwide Shipping

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The company offers loose gemstones, gemstone jewelry, jewelry supplies, custom gemstone cutting and jewelry design services. Business Details Location of This Business 10685B Hazelhurst Dr Ste ...


 · GemSelect - SETT Co Ltd. GemSelect Blog - Don''t miss out on the latest gemstone and jewelry trends, exclusive updates and special gemstone promotions. We love sharing gemstone photos and videos and offer a full range of loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry. One of the Top Ten Rarest Gems on Earth - Grandidierite!

Authentic Spinel Gemstone | Etsy

Spinel Gemstone Information Buy Natural Spinel Gemstones from GemSelect About Spinel - History and Introduction. Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide that has been used as a gemstone for centuries. The beauty of spinel has caused it …